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Thomas Jefferson Quotations

Thomas Jefferson evening July 3; Jefferson died the next morning
Date: July 3, 1826
Thomas Jefferson letter to James Monroe
Categories: National Defense
Date: October 24, 1823
Thomas Jefferson letter to Thomas Jefferson Smith
Categories: Patriotism
Date: February 21, 1825
Thomas Jefferson Draft Constitution for the State of Virginia
Categories: Arms
Date: June, 1776
Thomas Jefferson Letter to William Johnson
Categories: The People
Date: June 12, 1823
Thomas Jefferson letter to Richard Rush
Categories: Liberty / Freedom
Date: October 20, 1820
Thomas Jefferson Opinion on French Treaties
Categories: Advice, Foreign Policy
Date: 1793
Thomas Jefferson Declaration of the Causes and Necessities of Taking up Arms
Date: July 6, 1775
Thomas Jefferson on George Washington in a letter to William Branch Giles
Date: December 31, 1795
Thomas Jefferson letter to Joseph C. Cabell
Categories: Education
Date: January 22, 1820
Thomas Jefferson letter to Mary Jefferson Eppes
Categories: Marriage
Date: January 7, 1798
Thomas Jefferson letter to Charles Yancey
Categories: Press
Date: January 6, 1816
Thomas Jefferson letter to Thaddeus Kosciusko
Categories: Press
Date: April 2, 1802
Thomas Jefferson Letter to Joseph Cabell
Categories: Education
Date: January 22, 1820
Thomas Jefferson . [Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, et al.,] Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Fix the Site of the University of Virginia
Date: August 4, 1818

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