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Ronald Reagan Quotations

Ronald Reagan Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany
Categories: Foreign Policy
Date: June 12, 1987
Ronald Reagan First Presidential Inaugural Address, U.S. Capitol
Categories: Economy
Date: January 20, 1981
Ronald Reagan Address to the Cambridge Union Society Cambridge, England
Categories: Liberty / Freedom
Date: December 5, 1990
Ronald Reagan Presidential Campaign Rally. Fairfield, Connecticut
Categories: America
Date: October 26, 1984
Ronald Reagan Remarks to Marine Corps basic training graduates, Parris Island, South Carolina
Date: June 4, 1986
Ronald Reagan Second Inaugural Address as Governor of California, Sacramento, California
Categories: Citizenship, Government
Date: January 4, 1971
Ronald Reagan Remarks to the U.S. League of Savings Associations, San Francisco, California
Categories: Government
Date: November 14, 1974
Ronald Reagan Often said by Reagan throughout his years in public office
Categories: Bureaucracy, Government
Date: Unknown
Ronald Reagan Cambridge Union Society, Cambridge, England
Categories: Political Leaders
Date: December 5, 1990
Ronald Reagan Interview with Radio News West, Los Angeles, California
Date: December 30, 1974
Ronald Reagan Farewell address to the Nation, The White House
Categories: Patriotism
Date: January 11, 1989
Ronald Reagan White House meeting of women leaders of Christian religious organizations
Categories: God
Date: October 13, 1983
Ronald Reagan Address to the nation on his upcoming summit meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev in Geneva. The Oval Office.
Date: November 14, 1985
Ronald Reagan Remarks at a White House luncheon for out-of-town editors and broadcasters.
Date: July 22, 1981
Ronald Reagan Remarks at a meeting with members of the American Business Conference, The White House
Categories: War
Date: April 15, 1986
Ronald Reagan Address to the Nation, U.S. Allies and the Soviet Union, The White House
Categories: War
Date: January 6, 1984
Ronald Reagan Acceptance of the Republican Presidential Nomination
Categories: Family, Work
Date: July 17, 1980
Ronald Reagan Acceptance speech, Republican National Convention, Dallas, Texas
Categories: America
Date: August 23, 1984
Ronald Reagan "Government and the Family: The Need to Restore Basic Values" Televised address to the nation
Categories: Bureaucracy
Date: July 6, 1976
Ronald Reagan Southern GOP Convention, Atlanta, Georgia
Date: December 7, 1983
Ronald Reagan Talk to the administration's female appointees, The White House
Categories: Bureaucracy, Government
Date: February 10, 1982
Ronald Reagan Trevose, Pennsylvania
Categories: Work
Date: 1980
Ronald Reagan Remarks to the Massachusetts High Technology Council, Bedford, Massachusetts
Date: January 26, 1983
Ronald Reagan Spirit of America Rally, Atlanta, Georgia
Date: January 26, 1984
Ronald Reagan Remarks at a reception for members of the Associated General Contractors of America
Date: March 16, 1981
Ronald Reagan Remarks to the United States Negotiating Team for the Nuclear and Space Arms Negotiations with the Soviet Union.
Categories: Political Leaders
Date: March 8, 1985
Ronald Reagan Remarks at Herbert Hoover Library, West Branch, Iowa
Categories: Work
Date: August 8, 1992
Ronald Reagan To wife Nancy after John Hinkley's assassination attempt
Date: March, 1981
Ronald Reagan Reagan to his attending surgeons, following the assassination attempt.
Date: March 30, 1981
Ronald Reagan Remarks to National Conference of Christians and Jews.
Categories: Laws of Nature
Date: March 23, 1982
Ronald Reagan In a peech hreatening to veto legislation raising taxes
Categories: Taxation
Date: March 15, 1985
Ronald Reagan Address to the Meeting of the INternational Association of the Chiefs of Police
Date: September 28, 1981

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